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Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker?

Then here is what we can offer you!


Often times the square footage of the Gross Living Area (GLA) of a home is not listed accurately on county assessor resulting in it getting listed inaccurately on MLS as well. Often when the home is measured for an appraisal following ANZI standards it comes out to be higher than what has been previously recorded. This difference may allow home owners to have lower assessed values and lower property taxes. However, when that homeowner sells their home it can cost them having it listed at that lower square footage. It could turn away potential buyers looking for a specific square footage, as well as lower the listed price of the home. Therefore, it is important to get it right! 

Getting a measurement from an appraiser is quick, easy, and affordable. Call us today to get your listings measured starting at $200.

All we need for a typical home is 15-20 minutes at the property measuring, then we take those measurements and form a detailed sketch and return to you a report with the property measured according to ANZI standards and a detailed sketch of the measurements and layout of the home within 24hrs of visiting the property. The report delivered is a legal document that can then be used in marketing and proving the specs of the subject property. 

*We do not guarantee any square footage or difference from what has been previously recorded.  


Attract buyers and increase your clients confidence by getting a pre-listing appraisal. Pre-Listing appraisals give you and your client the best advantage to selling a home by providing an objective opinion of value with an accurate measurement of the square footage, a third party description of the home's condition and features, and a detailed analysis of comparable sales. Not only does a pre-listing appraisal help you price the home optimally, it gives you a tool for negotiating with potential buyers and helps you avoid potential problems and delays in the closing process.

Does your client have questions about how to best increase their homes value before listing it on the market? After doing a pre-listing appraisal, we are open to discussing improvements that could be made that can effect value and what changes justify the expenses to make those changes. Not all updates are created equal, and the most recent and similar comparable sales effect what changes are going to make a difference in value. Let us help you make better informed decisions and call us today! 

Let’s Work Together

Have office meetings?

We would love to build a relationship and help one another out. We love attending company meetings to be a part of their team by being there for any questions or giving a presentation. We are here to help! If that interests you, please give us a call and we would try our best to coordinate a time to have a good time and share our knowledge about appraising and the current market!  

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